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Fantastic Sams Reviews

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  • Bad Color Job

    I could say bad, but it was like NO COLOR. Stacey, the stylest, at 1301 E Debbie Lane, Mansfield, TX colored my hair, or I should say, did not color my hair. It was amazing, she applied the color to lift the roots to match the previously treated hair. But when she washed it out, it was like she had not colored the roots AT ALL. The rest of the hair lightened just a little so it was a nice color, but the roots did not. Dried it and asked what I thought and I said, well, it looks like you didn't even color it. So then she said she would do another treatment that would not take too... More...
  • Fantastic Sams are NOT fantastic at all.

    I went to Fantastic Sams to have my hair colored. What started out as a $45 color ended up costing $150 and it was NOT Fantastic. The woman who colored my hair said "You're in good hands." That was Stacey. She asked a hair dresser across from her about the color but said she was just confirming what she already suggested we do to my hair. She applied the product to lift the color on the roots to match what had been treated before. But when she rinsed it out, the roots looked like they had not been touched at all. The color on the rest of the hair was nice. So she said... More...
    kproudhorse's Picture   kproudhorse    0 Comments   Comments
  • horrible customer service wentzville

    I went for a haircut. I have long hair and was just wanting a trim. The stylist brought me back to the sink to wash my hair before my cut. All of my hair wasn't wet, and she only put shampoo on half my head. She never introduced herself as she began to cut. When she was finished, she never asked me what I thought or let me look at the back. My hair was dripping wet!!! She told me I was finished and took the cape off without offering me a blow dry! It was 15 degrees outside. I left with my shirt and coat wet from my hair dripping all over it!!! The entire time she cut my hair, she was... More...
    alexandra's Picture   alexandra    1 Comments   Comments
  • Very crappy expensive hair dye job and very rude service!

    Do not go to fantastic sam's whatever you do! Went in, asked for purple ombré and after my hair was a crappy faded purple with a few purple pieces. I paid $140!! I went back to complain and the girl rudely told me it was ombré and to wash it a couple times and it will be better. So I did and went back. By this time it was barely even purple anymore! It was a crappy brown with some purple in it! She still told me it was ombré and was very rude. Save your money and hair! Never go to fantastic sams or don't let anyone you know go there! More...
    Kj123's Picture   Kj123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic Sams, Sun City Center, FL

    I have been having my hair cut at Fantastic Sams, Suncity center for last 2 years. They are okay. Every time I have been there, stylists (those who had my hair cut) listened to my need and performed satisfactorily. This time when I went there, there was a stylist who talks and walks in a different way. I explained to him what I want and categorically told him, I DO NOT want my hair short. I just want to trim little bit over my shoulder and ears which were curling up too much. I have been so disapointed that I have no language to curse him. 1. He used a big white comb to comb my hairs... More...
    Badplace21's Picture   Badplace21    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never again will i TRUST anybody that works @ FS!

    I went to FS saturday 1/31/15, wanting to do chunky blonde highlights and a a trim on my hair! come to see that it was a ugly MESS!! my roots were yellow then it faded to orange and red!! The lady asked me if i liked it. I couldn't even answer i was almost in tears! She also chopped my hair off WAY to short! my dog gets groomed better at the vet! i am very upset that was a waste of $105!! i could have paid that at BELK and got MUCH better results! i will let everybody know to NOT waste a penny in this place!! More...
    meagan's Picture   meagan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic sams 4661 Torrance CA

    I recently Went to this fantastic Sam's to try something new and cute to my hair but instead I get traumatized . The owner of this location was the one who was working on my hair I asked for ombre , it looked nothing like it the highlights were a mess looked like someone just through light dye in my hair , she was going to let me leave knowing she did not do well which is very un professioal and just wrong , she says to come back so she can fix it which I did but she did not fix the blondes were two different colors . imagine I paid 65$ than I call her and tell her so she says come... More...
    lynmor310's Picture   lynmor310    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad

    This the worst salon that I have never been before this is the 3rd Time they cut my hair during eyebrows waxing I seriously can't stop crying after lookin to my eyebrows the lady who did this was not even say sorry and the salon people are very careless I think they don't know work at all even though I paid them also gave tip this is not the first time I had this experience . I would recommend people be care full when u want get any thing in ffantastic sams l...I'm feeling very bad. More...
    kurva's Picture   kurva    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very Upset

    Fantastic Sams needs to work on who they hire. Went to the one in Buellton CA and certain worker their does a terrible job in cutting hair. Does not listen to customers requests and has poor personal hygiene. Not Happy at all. Asked her to go as short as possible with scissors and literally took off 1/4 of an inch and said that was as close as she could get it to. For $17 i expect to get a good haircut, especially when the request is not complicated. More...
    santana35's Picture   santana35    0 Comments   Comments
  • What is a Fade?????

    I went to get a regular haircut. I told the lady barber, I would like 2 on the side and 4 on the top also faded. The Barber did the .5 on the side and 5 on the top. Then she told me, she doesn't know what and how to do fade. I looked like a joker sitting in there trying to at least look half decent. It took about an hour...I am not going back.... More...
    deltatech's Picture   deltatech    0 Comments   Comments
  • haicut

    First and foremost, I would like to apologize for a bad review i posted on Nov.24,2014.It was a mix up on my part, i went to smart style and thought it was Fantastic Sam's. I got a terrible haircut at smartstyles. Fantastic Sam's called me up and offered me a free haircut even though it was not them that screwed up my hair.Today [Nov. 26,] I went for the free haircut and they did a fantastic job at making my haircut look real nice.I want to thank Regina for what she did for me. I have become a steady customer to Fastastic Sam;s now. Again thank you so much!! More...
    kenwells's Picture   kenwells    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ankeny Iowa Fantastic SAMs WORST Experience EVER

    I had a great stylist the first time at fantastic Sam's. My hair was strawberry blonde. Unfortunately my stylist moved. The new stylist said she hadn't worked with the new colors. She turned my hair a dark purple/fuchsia cherry coke color. But said to wash it out and it would lighten it up. She said to go home and wash it several times and it would lighten up, but come back if it didn't. After 2 days (no lighter), I came back. The stylist was hostile before I even said a word. She said come back Monday, this was Thurs afternoon. My grandma, a graduate of Paris Academy (beauty... More...
    Shopdoll12's Picture   Shopdoll12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hair dye on a 40 dollar shirt and ruined now

    Hello this place you should not go to as they do not own up too any Mistakes they do when it comes too color and Hair cuts, myself I went here 3 weeks ago and had a 40 dollar shirt wrecked by hair dye, The stylist acted like it was no Big deal. I called too speak with her the 2nd time and she Blew me off never returned any of my calls , Why they allow Employee's too get a way with it not sure so Moral of story 60 dollars for service, 5 dollar tip and 40 dollar shirt Destroyed More...
    richie72700's Picture   richie72700    1 Comments   Comments
  • It's all in the stylist, people.

    I have the BEST stylist ever in the world. It's not so much about the place you get your hair/eyebrows/what have you done, it is the person you go to! I have been with Jaceil for about 5 years now and never once have I had a bad experience. The ONE time I trusted someone else, I had no eyebrows left and burst into tears, but my beloved stylist worked with me for months to fix them, starting with tips on how to fill in the little slivers I had left without looking like a hooker. It has gotten to the point where I simply go in, give a general idea of what I'd like, and tell her to... More...
    mandaboo8588's Picture   mandaboo8588    0 Comments   Comments
  • hairstylist quiet unfriendly, chairs uncompfortable

    I wanted a perm on a Sunday. Called got appt right away. Stylist was pleasant upon greeting. During the perm I tried to carry on a conversation with the stylist but she was not cooperative in keeping it going. She said at one point can I offer you a magazine. Well, I need my glasses to read and she wanted my glasses removed through out the whole perm. One thing when your a stylist and a person is in the chair you need to keep the person comfortable and feel welcomed. I did not get that vibe. Also, the stylists chairs are very uncompfortable. And the shampoo chairs are inconvient... More...
    retiredannie's Picture   retiredannie    0 Comments   Comments
  • fantastic sams clifton park rude stylist bad service

    I have been going o fantastic Sam's in clifton park for 6 or 7 years to get sunglitz highlights. The other day I went in to get the same sunglitz pulled through a cap and the stylist says shes not doing it through a cap. I saw 5 or 6 times I wanted it through the cap and she said "well I'm not doing it through a cap thats old school". I tell her I want it to look natural and subtle and when its done they are larger highlights like stripes and she says it looks natural. It comes to pay and it comes to almost double what ive paid for the highlights through the cap. I left... More...
    hollilynn's Picture   hollilynn    0 Comments   Comments
  • fantastic sams

    I. Love. My. Haircut!!! I had recently admired a friend's hair and she told me that she'd gotten highlights (for the first time ever) at Fantastic Sam's in Riverview, FL. On a whim, I decided to stop into the salon and "do something" about my very matronly granny bun. Upon entering, I was greeted quickly and asked what I'd like. I told the stylist that I wanted to make a change. I then requested that, of the stylists working that day, to please make my appointment with someone who was "good with texturizing" a.k.a. thinning shears, as I have very... More...
    judiegirl's Picture   judiegirl    0 Comments   Comments

    Specifically told the stylist how I wanted my hair cut. She starts buzzing my hair off. I told her I don't want my head bald. Then she says how do I want it now then. Well how the heck could you fix it when it's all messed up already. There's no way you can change the hair cut when it's shaved already. Very disappointed. Was not very happy paying for a shaved head. If I was looking to shave my hair I would of done it myself and wouldn't have to pay $15. Worst hair cut ever. People like her should not be allowed to cut other peoples hair. More...
    0499's Picture   0499    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible customer service

    Attempted to get an eyebrow wax...45 minute to an hour wait. I asked if I could get them done while people's hair color was setting And was response with no because they have to go in Order people checked in-really? I would think the business would not want to be lost As this is why they do at other salons...I will be takin business's elsewhere As I am also tired of the ease excuse long waits as we are looking For stylists sign at all of the maple grove locations. More...
  • Color Correction Highlight fried my hair

    On Saturday 06/28/2014 Walked into Fantastic Sams on 2051 Zumbehl Road Saint Charles, Missouri 63303 and told them I needed a color correction in which it would get the red out of my hair. I had a highlight and lowlight in my hair already. Instead of attempting to get the red out of my lowlights. The stylist gave me back to back highlights over my entire head which took from 12:30 to 6pm that day and left my head looking ORANGE. I didn't like it but because it was closing time they told me that I was going to have to come back on Monday to get it corrected! I couldn't show up... More...
    FrownFace's Picture   FrownFace    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible eyebrow waxing and haircut

    I went to the store in wentzville, mo. I asked for a haircut and eyebrow wax. The lady did a bad job on cutting my hair. The layers looked like someone just cut straight lines. I could have done a better job on that. But the best is my eyebrows. I have naturally thick brows. I explained I have let them go because the last person (at another company) did them uneven. But I also explained I like them thick. Well, what I hot is one brow over my left eye thick and thin, not sure what she was going for. Then my brow over right eye is the best. She removed the middle of my brow. I look like a... More...
    mkakadiaris's Picture   mkakadiaris    0 Comments   Comments
  • Upset

    My mom has cancer and went to fantastic SAMs to get her hair shave off. You would think of how many people that donate there hair to cancer patients that a business like this one would shave there hair for free or a least a discount, but no. They charged her almost 14 dollars to shave her hair off. Lost all respect for this place! They should be ashamed of thereselve. More...
    Lindajj2k's Picture   Lindajj2k    0 Comments   Comments
  • worst sevice ever! chesterfield valley

    I went in to get a cut and color. Melissa was serving me and the whole time she was having a discussion with another stylist about her boyfriend being an ex drug user and they were saying very rude comments about the rest of their staff. I felt very uncomfortable the whole time, and to later find out that melissa was the store manager. I was suprised to even think of her as a manager. My color looked like shit and i told her and she gave me additude and told me it would be additional chargers to fix her mistake. My haircut was so uneven i ended up going somewhere else the same day to have... More...
    wallice5's Picture   wallice5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic Sams in Blaine Minnesota

    My one and only visit, I vow to never visit again (This includes any of the other Fantastic Sams as well). I thought I'd give this place a try since it's closer to home. First off, the wait was forever. I remember sitting there for a half an hour or longer. Then it finally got to my turn, they did the normal routine of washing and snipping. They left my hair moist and said it was an extra charge for straightening and blow I had no idea what my hair would look like at all. Any other hair place I have been to has included blow drying and straightening for FREE. My hair... More...
    buminee's Picture   buminee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic sams FAR FROM FANTASTIC!!

    This place is beyond horrible !!! Bad manors lazy employees and manager who yells at her employees across the store and is more worried about having her own hair colored Then taking care of customers !!! Not only is this particular store incompetent But so is corporate ! I've called for a week now left messages after messages and have yet to speak to an actual person! How this place stays in business I have no clue The owner must be clueless to how bad his store is being ran I get that most if not all fantastic sams are independently owned but if I owned a chain I would make sure I... More...
    Unhappy79's Picture   Unhappy79    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic sams

    My husband took my kids to get a hair cut and the stylist called my daughter the first she did was to go thru her hair, she look like she was disgusted and continued to make faces while scratching her scalp, she finally said she wasn't going to cut her hair because my daughter had lice.. She then told the other stylist not to take care of my son because my daughter had lice but the other lady had already started cutting my sons hair. To make the long story short my son end up with a bad hair cut, my daughter in tears and a very embarrassed husband. She told my husband in front of... More...
    Lfigueroa's Picture   Lfigueroa    0 Comments   Comments
  • West Duluth fantastic sams

    I had a terrible experience with the west duluth fantastic sams. The lady that did my hair was rude and told me to not do my hair for 6 months. My appointment for a cut and color was at 11:30 and she booked somebody for another color at 12:30. She didn't finish in time for her other customer so she was doing 2 people at once. She made me feel like it was my fault for that. I felt very rushed and even though I'm the customer she made me feel very little and not good about myself. More...
    (Spa Services)
    Kfraboni's Picture   Kfraboni    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dallas FB lawsuit

    This is to any stylist out there in the DFW area. If you seen the recent threats or took as a threat the Facebook posting Kiwana and ecspecially what Lisa wrote afterwards about, "can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" as threats and creating a hostile work environment and Lisa's recent meetings of poor management effecting benefits. You are more than welcome to send an email confidentially to These 2 ladies need to understand we work hard and there is no reason to threat and disrespect us stylist. We are not the joke or the joke of their... More...
    DFWFSlawsuit's Picture   DFWFSlawsuit    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic Sams poor customer service horrible cut and highlights

    Well, My story starts about 2 years ago. In the beginning I liked going there. I even bragged to my sister that I finally found a good place to get hair cuts. I even liked the salon so much for my 36th Bday I treated my self and my sister to cut and highlights. Our trip lasted four hours and girl who did my hair was fresh out of school (young black girl) this will make sense later. she offered no help with picking color only stood there looking at me. Once we finally got underway I had blobs of color on my clothes and blobs/clumps of color throughout the bottom of my hair that wasn't... More...
    JLLchichinini's Picture   JLLchichinini    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic sams wont give you a refund!

    First of all, I drove 20 minutes to another fantastic sams because I had previous issues with the one by my house. I figured I'd give another one a try, but my mistake. I went in for a body wave perm. I was very clear with the length I wanted, the types of waves I wanted and even brought in a picture. The stylist I had said she recommended the purple rod (second to biggest curl) because of my hair type. I agreed and figured she knows what she's doing. I came out looking like a poodle, and it was nowhere near what I showed/asked for. I will NOT be going to anymore fantastic sams.... More...
    sdbillena's Picture   sdbillena    0 Comments   Comments

    kerwinace's Picture   kerwinace    0 Comments   Comments
  • Overpriced

    Even though they have a board with all the prices on it above the front desk, they just charge whatever they want. I went in for a trim and blow dry (cut/style is advertised as $20) and the lady charged me $30. She only took off 1/2 inch and didn't style it into anything fancy; just blow dried. I asked why I was charged an additional $10 and she said it was because my hair was longer. My hair is only slightly longer than shoulder length, which I feel is a pretty average length, yet she charged me like it was down to the middle of my back or something. I have never been charged so... More...
    Scout1984's Picture   Scout1984    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst haircut of my life

    I went to the Fantastic Sams in Crawfordsville, IN last Saturday. The manager is the stylist who cut my hair. I asked for an angled bob but received the dorkiest cut I have EVER had in my life! An angled bob is how I have worn my hair for the past two - three years and this is definitely the worst job anyone has done on it. Instead of an angle, it is just shorter in back and then drops down about an inch to a straight cut in front. I absolutely hate it and will be going to another stylist with another company so my hair can be fixed. I won't visit Fantastic Sams again! More...
    meg3323's Picture   meg3323    0 Comments   Comments
  • NO regard for their customers

    I am very very upset with this Fantastic Sam's. I go there all the time to get cuts for me and my 3 children. I usually spend more than $75 each time. I always tip well.I paid $55 for my daughters body wave on 9/28/2013 and my cut and 2 other kids cuts, so with tips I spent $100. They did not say this would break and burn my daughters hair off. They did not cut her hair like I wanted and it didn't take so was a waste of money. I understand depending on the persons hair it may not always take but it was obvious it did damage to her hair. I've called and I've called them... More...
    skeller1972's Picture   skeller1972    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad management

    I was so happy with my stylist rocky he's been doing my hair since March and i go into fantastic SAMs on collage rd in ocala and was told he no longer works there then i ask where he went I was told they could not say . Because I needed a hair cut for a get together that night i let Pam cut my hair the whole time i was in her chair all she could do was bad talk the stylist that i like thats no longer there then went on to tell me what and all is wrong with this salon and home the owners dont know anything about the business and that the manager sits and dont do her know I was... More...
    Shinedoon's Picture   Shinedoon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible haircut

    I came in with a 5 dollar off coupon for just a simple adult haircut. I stated 3 times that I didn't want a blowdry, since I did not have the money. With the hair cut, she thinned my hair, when I told her not to, and now all my pretty thickness is gone! My hair looks terrible, I hate it, and it's so frizzy. At the end, thy charged me 20 dollars. I'm never going to a fantastic Sam's again, and now have to get my pretty long hair cut short to make the thinness look even. More...
    dalekinator's Picture   dalekinator    0 Comments   Comments

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Fantastic Sams Comments

chicaaaa says: (1 year ago)
I really wanted to get my hair thinned out because my hair gets SOOOOO thick. The stylist started to do the ends but then stated she wouldn't thin them out this time because my ends were already thin enough. You're supposed to start from the top down to the mid section from what I learned. Going to Hair Cuttery to get it fixed now.

Brunello says: (1 year ago)
Fantastic SAMs on west gray in Houston is the worst at guests services.
They "encourage you to leave" when they are busy?
Michelle keeps customers away ! I've been going there for 5 years but today she told me that she was too busy and it would take 30 minutes
I said ok but then she said well I have to do a lot of work and kept encouraging me to leave !!!
WTF? Will never come back!

echo419 says: (2 years ago)

She continued to ask me questions like, "did you shave your head or something?" and "who cut your hair? Nobody should give you scissors." And was SO mean throughout the whole time.

I could go on for hours but you get the point. Go get your hair done somewhere else. Avoid this place at all costs.

Paxton106 says: (2 years ago)
Could customer service please explain to me why I have to hear employees complaining and bickering instead of taking care of customers waiting to be checked in? Can anyone please answer this?

waterflower says: (2 years ago)
I just came from a location in Denver CO and the young woman there Virginia did a GREAT job. She did exactly what I asked her to and I love my new haircut. Every time I have gone to a Fantastic Sams location I always get a great haircut. I believe it is a combination of the type of energy you (the customer) bring in and the energy in the shop. I hope those people who got bad haircuts have a better experience wherever else they go. Blessings to all...

Krys810 says: (4 years ago)
This place is located in Laveen, AZ. I've always highlighted my hair myself by drug store quality. I went to Fantastic Sams to have my daughters hair cut. They convinced me to have my hair high lighted professionally and they told me it would be 80 bucks. Well, the highlights looked uneven, and parts of my highlights still showed my dark brown hair like an inch or 2 of it. Then they later charged me $102 dollars and never informed me that blow drying and shampooing hair cost extra money when I said this was my first time getting my hair done which means i had no idea they would charge me extra. Also, my younger sis got a hair cut there and she said she only wanted a trim and the lady there cut her hair short to her shoulders when her hair was down to her tummy. My boyfriend also got his hair shaved and you can see a few hair strands poking out in the light. i think these people aren't real professionals.

BILLY2774 says: (5 years ago)
fANTASTIC SAMS IN NORTH ANDOVER - There is a pregnant young girl there, who not only was rude, but doesnt know how to interact with customers. Worst of all, I do not think she ever went to school to cut hair. She might as well have put a bowl on my head and cut around it. She was rude, did a terrible job, and I will never go there again. You have been warned....!!!!!!!!!

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